2 MILLION Monthly Viewers On Pinterest What I Did To Grow My Pinterest Account

Hey guys, today we're going to be talking about Pinterest because something exciting happened this weekend.

I honestly could not believe it but I reached 2 million average monthly viewers on my Pinterest account to million and within just a few days. I was up to a 2.1 million average monthly viewers Pinterest account at my is growing like crazy now. So I wanted to shoot this video for you guys and share some tips and tricks on how you can grow your Pinterest account.

What? I did to my Pinterest account and just share my experience because let me tell you what I didn't 1 million average monthly viewers on Pinterest. I was like what I could not believe it because at that point in time, I think I only had maybe around 5,000 Pinterest followers. Maybe not even and to be reaching 1 million people on average a month is insane and I'm reaching 2 million people on average a month. That's crazy. So, let me give you a little bit of perspective now. I have about almost 7,000 followers on Pinterest.

My Impressions my website my average daily Impressions to the pins leading to my website is about 14,000 people. So every single day 14,000 people on average are seeing the pins that actually lead to my website and then I'm getting around like 200 250 clicks to my website every single day. So I want to say thank you to you guys each and every one of you that follows me on Pinterest or even if you found my blog Pinterest maybe from a YouTube channel on Pinterest. Thank you for honestly just being on the pictures platform and finding me there that's really helped me to get to the point that I am at today. so today Today, I want to drop some tips on you guys.

I want to share a little bit of a Pinterest knowledge and about exactly what I did to grow my Pinterest account. I also want to talk a little bit about what those average monthly viewers what that means and how you can actually grow your personal brand on Pinterest meaning your pins that actually lead to your website. So let's go ahead and get into it before we get anywhere. You've probably heard of average monthly viewers on Pinterest and if you haven't it's a little statistic that peers on your Pinterest profile. It also appears in your analytics and it means how many people you're reaching every Month not was just the pins that lead to your website, but all of your pins that you have curated on your Pinterest account all of them. So I think I'm up to like 30,000. No, I think I'm up to 20 mm. Maybe pins shared on my profile.

I think I'm somewhere around there and all of those pins combined just my Pinterest account is reaching 2 million people on average a month. So I don't want you to get confused and think that it's just my personal brand pin. So the pins that are leading to the content bug it's not it's every single pin that I have shared on my Pinterest account. So some people say that that statistic isn't really important and honestly, you will probably see a lot of articles on Pinterest. I've seen some that saying like you shouldn't pay attention to that number. But to me, I think it is important that you pay attention to that number on Pinterest.

It's not really about the number of followers that you have sure the more followers you have kind of the better you'll more of an opportunity to reach those people like you a set number of people that you would reach even though with the algorithm and everything. It's kind of crazy. I don't want to get in that today's video. So your followers aren't necessarily as important as they would be on. Instagram or like your subscribers on YouTube that's not the way that Pinterest works and the average monthly viewers to my opinion.

I think it's important just for the visibility of your platform now, I do think that one of the statistics that you really need to pay attention to is the Impressions that your pins are getting to the pins that actually lead to your website as well as the clicks that you are getting to your website if you have a million average monthly viewers, but you're getting 10 clicks to your website that is a not good at all and that visibility isn't helping you just reaching those people is not helping you. It also clear visit a problem with your pins, maybe your PIN description or just your strategy leading to your website

. So let's talk about my strategy. I have definitely changed my strategy over time when it comes to Pinterest obviously the painters algorithm keeps changing. So whenever it changes I make adjustments to my strategy, but if you've read any of my blog post on my website, I've got three resources for you that you would probably enjoy. Well. Actually, I have a ton and I'll just include them in the description bar down below one is talking about how I went from 7K average monthly viewers only 7,000 to 100,000 average monthly fee.

On Pinterest and other one is how I went from a hundred K to 600k monthly viewers on Pinterest. And then I also have another one that you would probably be interested in and it's talking about why I tanked my Pinterest account. So when I was just about to hit 200,000 average monthly viewers, I totally tanked my account. I purged it wiped it pretty clean. I like kind of got down to its bones and then I built it back up. So if you're interested makes you check those out in the description bar down below, but way back in the day. I turned my pictures come from a personal account to a business account. It was the count that I was using. From high school, honestly, so everything was shared on there.

I'm talking food Fitness Beauty Instagram photo ideas photography ideas quotes. I even have like, you know, the typical wedding planning board I of course, of course I had that so when I transformed that account into my business account, I really needed to Niche down and I took that very seriously and I got rid of anything that didn't involve my nation. I started creating boards, like entrepreneurship tips all blogging tips. Grow your blog. got social media and then I break it out into Pinterest Instagram Facebook. Email marketing. I have so many boards just revolving around my Niche because that is the audience that I wanted to attract.

I wanted to make my Pinterest account a place where people in my audience someone like you could go on Pinterest account and find the resources that they needed even if they weren't my website if they weren't the resources leading to my website, so I completely Niche down my Pinterest account got rid of the boards that were just kind of fluff got rid of them and Niche down now over time. I would have to say one of the big reasons. Ins one of the big factors that got me to reach two million average monthly viewers was changing that perspective and not following that Niche down mindset which is a bit crazy, but I was so Niche down and I was talking a lot about digital marketing for a while.

I was stuck around 600,000 average monthly viewers and I couldn't really figure it out and then I started sharing some photos. I started tearing flatly photos because it started talking about flat lays because I shot my own flat lays. I share them on my Instagram account. They're all over my blog so created a board. That was all my flat light inspiration and then it moved in a home office inspiration and then it moved into Instagram photography inspiration and all three of those boards combined. I have to say dramatically Gourmet account because I was creating content that people wanted to see and I moved away from the mindset of oh, I want to share the resources that my audience needs into.

Oh, I want to share the ideas that inspire me that I think my audience would be interested in as well. So I kind of moved away from here's just a ton of information to hear some things like also really like that are relevant one thing that you could do if you want to go Your Pinterest account is create boards that are relevant to your Niche relevant while you were talking about but they are popular subjects more. So when it comes to my strategy though, I am pinning around 30 to 40 pins a day.

I would say forty to fifty percent of those pins are my pins leading to my website and that strategy is really working for me. I pin automatically I use tail went to win is huge for me and I honestly think it has been a huge factor My of Success on Pinterest especially Tailwind tribes. So if you haven't gotten started with toe and yet they do have free trial that you want to For I'll include a link in the description bar down below. Tamara has definitely helped because obviously I can't go on Pinterest. I can't spend that much time on Pinterest pinning 30 to 40 pins a day. So being able to do it automatically for Tailwind is huge. But then I also go in and type in manually that is a big thing that Pinterest changed several months ago. Honestly at this point.

They want to see you pinning manually on Pinterest so I go in about every other day and I paid couple pins manually, but I have to say another big thing that helped me to grow my Pinterest account was creating more blog posts. and sharing more manual pins uploading more pins to the Pinterest platform. So follow my YouTube videos. This YouTube video included is actually a blog post on my blog as well. Almost every single one of my YouTube videos get turned into blog posts and then I pin them on my Pinterest account obviously, so that results in about three new pins leading to my website every single week and I do think that that has dramatically help to grow my own visibility. My website's visibility on Pinterest as well as just the visibility on my account because Pinterest Happy sharing new content with them. And honestly, I'm just expanding the reach my website by adding more resources that could be to my website if that makes sense. And then of course I could never forget Pinterest SEO.

This is absolutely huge when it comes to Growing your Pinterest account. If you not done any research on Pinterest SEO yet you need to do your research because Pinterest SEO is so important and it really comes down to your keyword research. So if you're not forming keyword research on Pinterest you need to do that as well. I do have a video on that which I include and the description bar down below. But Pinterest is a search engine and if you're not treating it like a search engine and then you're not going to help your visibility on the platform. So you want to make sure that you do your research and make sure that your profile is looking a nice looking fresh has the appropriate keywords in your name and your pictures description in the board titles in your board descriptions.

And in your PIN descriptions and in the pins that you were leading to the titles of the pins that you are leading to that's dramatically going help you printers profile as a well as applying for Rich pins getting your website verified and just doing the basics. Bill Basics to get good with Pinterest now when it comes to the pans leading to my website, there are a few things that I have done differently over the past few months that I want to share with you guys on how I help them grow because I really do think that some of my most recent pins are performing pretty well on the platform and they have helped me to go up from that 100 clicks a day to 200 clicks a day on Pinterest. So the very first thing I did was I started writing descriptions that are 500 characters with each pin. You can include a 500 character description and if you are not using That that space you are wasting an opportunity on Pinterest and reality.

That's what it is because Pinterest operates based off keywords. It is a search engine. It runs based off keywords. And if you're not including the keywords in your Pinterest description, or if you're just writing on one sentence description without any keywords, you're not helping the visibility of your pins. So writing longer descriptions. I'm making sure that I'm using up all of the space available to me and including the appropriate keywords doing keyword keyword research for every single pin that I am launching on the platform and then a little While back I think was actually August of 2018. I do over YouTube video on this as well how to design redesign your old pins to get more clicks to them.

Basically how to re curate your content because I went back to some of my old blog post and I was really proud of them, but they weren't getting much traffic. So I decided to create new pins for each of those and now they're performing so much better on the platform. So I do have to say that going back through and redesigning some of my old pins making them a little bit updated a little bit more click worthy that is dramatically helped to grow the visibility especially of my old content and I talked about this a little bit but creating more pins that lead to your website does help the visibility of your website because if you think about it, if you only have 10 pans that lead to your website, you don't have much of an opportunity to really grow on the pictures platform when it comes to your website. You only have those 10 opportunities for someone to find you and that's not that great. So if you increase number of pins leading to your website more likely you are to have people actually five-year website sure. It comes down to your PIN design.

It comes out of your description comes down to just pinch SEO and a Other factors, but you really want to make sure that you have pins leading to your website and that's a dramatic change that I did for a while. I was only uploading one pin design at per blog post and sometimes the pin design obviously wasn't that great. It wasn't even that much traction based off the words that were included in it or something within the design. So I started creating two pins for each of my blog post and have to say that that is working so much better as well as just creating more blog post on my website. So I have more pins to share on Pinterest. I feel like this is a really fast crash course for Are you on how to grow your Pinterest account some of strategies that I used?

I threw a lot of information at you really really fast. If you want to learn more information about Pinterest if you want to learn more information about the picture Ciccio, maybe even Rich pins or just all of the strategies that I have used to grow my Pinterest account. I will include all the resources in the description bar down below. I also have a Pinterest prosection that the TCB Vault that includes video tutorials and even more information when it comes to Growing your Pinterest account. So if you're interested in that click on the link that leads you to the TCP volt below and if you found this helpful, please give it a thumbs up. Up And subscribe to my channel if you want to share it with anyone else that's trying to grow their Pinterest account. Please do that, and I will see you guys back here in another video very soon. Bye guys.