Spotify Hacks | Best Ways To Get On Spotify Playlists - This Got Me Millions of Streams

So what are the best ways to get into spotify's user generated algorithmically generated and editorial playlist in this article? I'm going clarify the three different types of playlist. I'm going to share exactly how the Spotify doesn't and give you some free and paid tips on how to get into those playlists. All right, let's get cracking with the video, Mississippi put it down. That's Fox music is a music collector for we as producers learn and grow together as artists and we want to help transform frustrated bedroom producers into confident professional artist now in this is our first time meeting. I've been in the music game for over 10 years and my musical projects have over 2 million plays Spotify alone. in just So my burning passion is help get producers results by Design and not by fucking random. If you're new to this channel consider subscribing because every week I'll be sharing production and marketing advice along with healthy badass producer lifestyle tips to help you become a badass. So if you're new to this channel consider subscribing and hitting the Bell little thingy so that you don't miss a video and you don't keep playing them one-man shows in your mama's basement. Now, you find me everywhere online at it's Tom Anthony and at any point during the video check the show notes Below in their I've linked a free download to our Spotify playlist handbook. It's a checklist of everything. I'll be expanding on within the article so definitely,

Only check that out below. I've linked All My Links below all my music below and everything you need to know in the description below. So definitely check that out after the article and mother fuck stick around for the end because I got a Bonus tip that is a really creative way to get into playlists that I haven't seen anybody else doing so definitely stick around and check that out. All right. So so first things first, what are the three different types of playlist? So the first playlist is user-generated playlist. So these are things that you and I can have anybody can have them anybody can create them. They're just user-generated playlist. So these are the basic level of playlist. So I would suggest highly suggest that you make one. I've made one. I have a dirty pretty playlist and we also have a phantom Fox playlist where we help promote other artists. So if you're interested in getting promoted on that definitely check out the link in the description and also definitely check my playlist. So because it's bad as fuck and I know you're gonna want this the best music definitely check that out. So you should be generating your own playlist because that is the first type of playlist that you can get on there. The easiest ones you can hit up your friends. You can get on them second type of playlist is the algorithm playlist. Now these things are going to be things like the Discover. Weekly and the release radar so these are things discussed where they put music together. They're individually curated for every person. So every one of them is going to be different for every person but their curated by algorithm or robot AI shit is just Freaky Deaky. So those ones are generated by an algorithm and their curated for everyone. Everyone is different. Everyone's playlist going be different the third type of playlists are the editorial playlist. Now, these are curated by people who work at Spotify. So spotify's hired people to look at all the data check out their songs and be the All kind of test before putting them into these kind of playlist. So there's a top tier ones and those ones generate fuck tons of please now, how does Spotify playlist system work? Well, it works a lot like the Instagram algorithm. First of all, you're going to put your music out now Spotify is going to look at all the data it sees how many people are playing your songs how many people are skipping your songs how many people are saving them to their libraries every piece of data that at the happens on Spotify Spotify takes into consideration. So as soon as your tracks were released it's going to be and up to a certain amount of people. It's going to start off in the user generator one once a bill some traction. It's going to push it into the levels of the algorithmic playlist. And from there. It's going to put in two small pool. So it'll put give it to for example a pool of a thousand people see how it does within those playlists and have lots people likes it. Then it's open to going open the floodgates more and introduce it to more people until it gets to a level where the editorial staff will start picking it up and checking it out. And again, it goes through a pool system there. So in the editorial playlist, then it's going to put it be put into smaller playlist and bigger playlist bigger playlist until it reaches the top tier of playlist now, I'll go into some tips on how to kind of work your way up. Ladder in a second, but for now, that's pretty much how the Spotify Sprout playlist system works. So, how are you going to get yourself into these playlists? There's a three step process first rep is great attraction. Second step is gaining fucking traction and third step is gaining motherfucking traction. You need to gain traction within the first day within the first week within the first month of making of you're releasing your song. This going be super duper duper important. Now there are things you can do before during the release and after the release to kind of Ensure some SS within this area the first thing you want to do is before the release. So before you release your music, you're going want to have some traction ready to go when the release date comes out. So before the release date, you're going hit up some blogs and I've done another article that I'll link here about how to get onto blogs and how to get on two channels and get up the specific playlist or whatever and get some spots secured. So that on the release date these tracks are going to be on that playlist because you want to get as much traction as possible. That is super key of anything you take from this article get as much traction. As possible now from these blogs. I'm huge disclaimer. I've submitted to them throughout my data and all my research. They have generated shit plays like 23 24 plays and initially when I looked at the data I was like, what is the point of even putting onto these playlists? Like what am I paying like a dollar to submit to a Blog to put onto their playlist, but you got to know plays that's my initial thought but after looking at how the Spotify system works the more playlist you get on the better. It tells Spotify that people are looking so anything that you can do. To help that out is a bonus and is really detrimental to your success. So before the release, you're going want to hit up some blog get some things but I mean blogs YouTube channels and whatever kind of coverage you can get online. So you want to get that done before the release get those secure to on the release day. You have some traction ready to go. The next thing you're going to do is through the Spotify for artists website. There is now an option to push your music to playlist now, I'm pretty sure that this just will tell Spotify kind of help categorize your Better but definitely fill it out. It just shows you tells you what kind of mood the song is like What BPM what kind of genre what kind of vibe anything else you want to put it in it so that when Spotify courage look at it, they'll get all the information and not just like having to sift through like 80,000 songs a day, which is what the numbers of people be releasing music now. Once your song is released now, you're going to hit up some more blogs and some more playlist. So some examples of those are like Indie Mon. Oh and hype edit. Those are some places. You can go to hit up once your song is released. And see if anybody wants to pick up your song for the playlist. If you do that that's again gaining more traction. So hit up as many YouTube channels as many blog any coverage that you can get try to get as much coverage as possible to the track within the first day within the first week. This super key. Now, I wouldn't recommend going like fiber or anything because I've seen some of the ads on there and it looks like fucking bullshit and you're just gonna be paying like seven bucks to get on some bullshit playlist. It doesn't mean anything. The next thing you're gonna do is promote on your personal playlist. So soon as the songs release, you're going put it onto your the number one song on your personal playlist. Because you get me been working to get people to follow your playlist, hopefully so as soon as the song comes out, it's already going to be on their device in your playlist ready for them to go now. I was also just suggest that you get them to try to add it to their Library as well, but we'll talk about that in a second. So you can also use playlists as a way of trading so you can get your friends just like how SoundCloud reposting used to work. So have playlists if you've you been building up and you see a homie that's also a music producer has playlist trade some playlists get on their playlist put your song on there's and again we have a list that we had like to help promote young artists with as a fancy Fox top 100 playlist. So I'll be link below now after you've done all that you started you hit a blogs. You've hit up your friends. You've hit up anybody that you can to try and get traction with this. Now, you're going to start you posting on social media. So on social media, you're going make normal post. This should be pretty ingrained in you now. I'll be releasing music. You got post on social media and all social media in the correct format. All the way is across everything Instagram Facebook Twitter all that kind of jazz, make sure that is on point but going a step further. I would highly suggest that you hit up some of your friends that don't spam people and be like, here's my new track. Remember blah definitely gonna do that hit up people that would actually like your song. There's nothing wrong about telling people about your song you think it's dope so definitely have some people up you like yo, I have this new song. I think you really like it. Maybe you could check it out add it your playlist or something something like that be polite sort of conversation. Don't just Spam. So that's a huge way because there's lots of people out there lot my friends that do love my music, but sometimes they forget about it or they don't get seen in their news feed. So hitting them up, It's completely appropriate so definitely makes me some of that now the one thing about this and I'm putting in now is that none of this? Absolutely. None of this is gonna work if your music is fucking terrible if you have shitty music and you haven't worked on your craft of making a amazing song. That's catchy No One's Gonna give a fuck about your music and singing it forgotten like that. And if people skip Your Song Spotify, it tells Spotify this isn't worth showing to people so they're gonna bump it down and bury it under all the 80,000. Things that come up with a within a day and no one's gonna give a fuck what you're using. So quality is key. Once you've done that built some traction. Now Spotify is getting notified that it's like oh this track is actually doing well people are liking this tractor saving to the libraries are singing to their personal playlist. This is going dope. So let's open up the floodgates a bit. So then they're going open up the Discover weekly probably the release radar the songs within the first like month. So it's going to open up the floodgates. It's going to start showing the small pools of people and this is how I generated over 80,000 plays on just one song. Within a first two weeks from there, it starts getting noticed by editorial playlist and gets put into smaller ones. Not the other ones like Mentor swag house but smaller ones to see how it doesn't those and then once it goes well on those and it gets pushed to the other ones now big disclaimer. There are other ways to do. This the only way to do this. I know people that know people in industry have your signed to a record label. They also have connections within the big playlist that will immediately push them to these big playlist and that's huge Advantage with working with labels because that really helped push it into those top tiers and get lots of plays. There's generating some more traction so that it works in Reverse. So you get already on these playlists. So people are liking it. So then discover weekly will push it to a he even newer audience of people such a huge way to get some place as well another really good tip to do to get some more plays and to get into playlists is to release music on Fridays because then you have the added bonus of trying to get into the new music Friday playlist, and that's huge. I will generate tons of plays as well. Now my secret strategy that I really haven't heard anybody talking about and I'm so happy that We'll be sharing with you guys is making amazing music that is made specifically created specifically for a specific type of playlist. So this is things like you're looking you go and analyze a playlist like what kind of songs are they playing here? How long are they? What kind of vibe do they have to they have lots of instruments? They have lots of vocals really really deconstructing. What kind of songs are in the playlist and then and then tailoring your creative process to that playlist. Now, I'm not saying go make a bunch of music because it wants to go to playlist. You hate it. You're like, oh I hate making deep house, but they're getting lots of players want to make some motherfucking deep house. Don't do that shit if you love making deep house and you see this playlist is really like amazing playlist. You want to get in to create your music that will go on to that playlist definitely have the end game in mind. So what kind of vibe is the playlist have? What kind of mood is it looking for? What kind of vocals are they looking for? They're looking for somber vocals up to beat vocals like hype vocals any vocals if it's just an instrumental playlist, look at all these factors write them down and then try to incorporate the when you're making your next song So to recap everything first things first have amazing fucking music because if you don't have amazing music, no one's to give a fuck and then put them into playlists generate as much traction as possible try and get as much traffic in the we first day week and month of we release new music. This will push it into the algorithmic playlist and then hopefully into the editorial playlist where you will get shit-tons a place. That's not you got shit tons of plays. You're probably wondering how do I change those plays into followers? I highly suggest you check my article. How to turn Spotify listeners into followers and grow your fan base on Spotify. I've linked it up here or in description below so definitely check that out because it'll be full of so much amazing content and amazing value because I just want to give back to you motherfuckers want help everybody that I know with all the information that I know because this shit's hard and there's some bullshit information online. Alright question of the day, what are your tips to get on to Spotify playlist you have any that I missed if so link them up in the comment section below. I'd love to hear about Let's get a little conversation going. Away in to about Spotify playlist sure our tactics and if you don't have anything to input on Spotify playlist hit me up. If you have any marketing questions that you want answered and I'll make a article about them explaining the best way is to submit to musics or something like that. So definitely hit me up in the comment section with any suggestions you have on articles and if you're looking the freshest Tunes, you know that you can find them on my dirty pretty playlist that I update every Friday and if you don't fuck with Spotify, then you can find an amazing mix that I put out every month of the most badass freshest tracks. It's called smell the roses as my monthly mixtape. It's on Soundcloud Mixcloud and iTunes all link below so you can check it out for your listening pleasure. Now before we end this article, I just want say that with any of these articles on with any information find online or anything that you find any teachers you find even in schools anywhere. Don't take anything that I say as the ultimate truth or take anything that anybody says the ultimate should go out and test this shit for yourself. This is what I did because I've looked at a lot of articles. I read a lot of stuff. I've gone through a lot of courses and I make decisions based on what I see not on what Someone tells me so I encourage you to do the exact same make sure that you're measuring and tracking everything because whatever gets measured gets managed. Yeah, that's measured gets managed Whatever Gets measured gets managed. So if you see something's not working you can make decisions to Pivot and do something different. So that'll be really really detrimental. Don't take anything. I say from Face Value go out test a shit go check out a bunch of the resources. Go check out bunch of other YouTube articles see what they're saying. See what I'm saying cross-reference and make your own fucking decision. That's how to be a boss. Thanks for watching this article like this article. If you liked it hit the Bell notification And subscribe button you loved it, and if have any questions or want to hit me up on the reg definitely follow me on Instagram and check Instagram stories or just message me on Instagram at it's Tom Anthony. And if you want to get some feedback on some of your music, I do a live tracks from it on Facebook live every second Wednesday, so they'll be a link in the description on how to submit your tracks so that I can take a look at them and I'll do a live feedback and critique on them every second Wednesday. So definitely check that out below again. I'm Thomas Anthony can fetch locks music when we help transfer. Frustrated bedroom producers into motherfucking confident artist keep a fancy piece drink it in always goes down smooth rhythmic. Generally that ass how now brown cow how now brown cow how now brown cow.